How long is the season?

8-10 weeks Practices traditionally start 1-2 wks prior to first gameGames take place on Saturdays (6 total games)

Where do practices take place?  

Practice times and location are at coaches' discretion, practices usually take place at either HBR Elementary, Waterman Park off S. Birch St. or Big Rock Park off Madison.

Where are the games located?

Big Rock Park located off 6th street, South of Rt 30

Do I have to live in Hinckley or Big Rock to participate?

No, we welcome everyone;)

How do I volunteer?             We don't have fundraisers, we have our Concession Stand! Please take a moment to volunteer for a min of one slot. Click here  We also need parent to volunteer to stripe the fields in between games,  volunteer here on Sign-Up Genius. 

What team am I on?

Your individual coach will reach out to you 1-2 weeks prior to the first practice with your team roster. Here you can see all your teammates and possible carpooling options. 

How are refunds processed?Refunds are at the discretion of the League, mainly for medical reasons. Schedule conflicts are not a cause for refunds, please take into consideration your child's other sports or events before registering. If you need a specific date/time/location please consider volunteering to coach.