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Failure to complete any of the above steps will result in your child NOT being able to play.

Payments must be received before June 30st. 

Registration and Uniform Fees

Registration fee:   (does NOT include socks) 

Discounts apply to families with multiple players (siblings only).

1 Child $55  |  2 Child $100  |  3 Children $145  |  4 Children $190  |  Additional Children $30 each

*In 2019 the standard blue and white reversible jersey we had been using was discontinued by the manufacturer.  Other similar jerseys were available but more expensive and less reliably available due to import delays and restrictions. 

Uniform cost is INCLUDED in the cost of registration this year, with black soccer socks available at an additional $5.00 a pair.  Socks to not need to be purchased from us, but must be worn on game days.

2 Ways to Pay


(or click the link)

Send Cash/Check to:


4S995 Swan Rd.

Big Rock, IL 60511

*Please include players name on check memo line

*Write Checks to HBRYSL

Checks payable to HBRYSL