Hinckley-Big Rock Youth Soccer League

WELCOME BACK !! Registration Closed June 30th

Coaches check your emails, Parents should receive official team emails no later than Aug. 1st!

Games will run from Sept 10th-Oct 15th. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Hinckley-Big Rock Youth Soccer (HBRYSL) is a community focused youth soccer league, providing recreational soccer, positive coaching and referee experiences to HBR and the surrounding local communities. We are a Big Rock Park Dist. program. All children ages 3 years - 6th grade are eligible to play.

The purpose of this league is to introduce and teach the basics of soccer, with the emphasis on sportsmanship, equal playing time, and most of all having FUN! We are NOT a travel league.

We urge parents to volunteer to help accommodate our growth! We NEED Coaches to make our season work. Please consider helping on your own child's team and setting your own practice schedule.

Don't miss sign up for next year! Here's the link for our Email List. Simply sign up and we will email you when registration opens again next fall!

New This Year 2022!!

  • We love our COACHES! We know that parents/caregivers have a lot on their plates, but we still have some of the best Coaches around! To celebrate all their hard work and dedication they give to our league and your players, we are giving them a hand! Sign up to coach your own players team this year and get one player registration for FREE!! We give you the supplies, soccer drills/games, and you set your own teams practice schedule around your availability.

  • GLOW STICK registration night!! June 10th 6-8pm

If you'd like to register in person, come visit us for a dusk game of GLOW STICK soccer. Held in conjunction with the Boys and Girls HS Soccer teams, come play a glow stick game with us! We will have our bountiful bin of donated soccer gear items out for FREE under the Hake Pavillion off 6th St. Stop by for FREE shoes, shin guards, athletic bags, and more! This is a FREE event hosted by HBRYSL and Big Rock Park Dist.

  • Bye-Bye Venmo, Hello PayPal! Our payment system got an update, thanks to the 2022 tax laws. (Venmo has no tax exception for non-profits like our Park District program, but PayPal "friends and family" DOES)

  • Shared snack is back! Parents, get those trail mixes and cut up orange slices ready to share with your players team:) Your players Coach is responsible for setting up snack sign up rotation.

  • Registration 2022 can now be completed just one time, for all your players! No need to fill out a second registration for a second player. ONE AND DONE (for up to 6 children)!

  • We have financial scholarships available for those in need, for whatever your reason may be. Big Rock Park District believes that extracurricular activities such as sports, art, and music should be available to all children. Please email us directly if you think you may qualify for financial aid. hbryouthsoccer@gmail.com

  • Players will be pleased to find the return of the end of season SURPRISE for them under the pavilion after the last game.

COVID-19 Guidelines (Last updated March 17, 22)*

IDPH has announced the following Covid guidelines for outdoor park dist sports program participants: February 28, 2022, ended universal indoor masking requirements, including in schools and in public indoor settings where sports-related activities are held. All individuals may engage in sports-related activities, both indoors and outdoors, without wearing a mask.

The guidelines are constantly evolving, you can find the updates here and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HBRYSL/ . Our Coaches will be kept up to date to share with their teams as well.

As always, the health and safety of our players is first and foremost. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation! ~HBRYSL

Covid Precautions:

  • If your player is sick, exhibiting any flu like symptoms, fever or has missed school for any reason they should not attend practice/a game. Please keep them home for the health and safety of our players and volunteers.

  • If your player has been exposed to someone with Covid-19, or asked to be in quarantine by their school, then please keep them home from sports the entire quarantine duration as well.

  • HBRYSL has provided increased hand sanitation stations though out the park including inside both restrooms, inside/outside the Concession Stand, and with all Coaches during practices and games.

  • Please wash your players uniform/socks in-between games.

  • HBRYSL is responsible for washing Referee uniforms and sanitizing whistles in-between use.

  • We are ALL responsible for doing our part to help keep our town healthy and safe, thank you~ HBRYSL